How will the “remotely operated” program in Summer 2022 work?

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Canada SROP will be operated mostly remotely in Summer 2022. This means that SROP Students will be residing in their current living situation (e.g., at their homes). SROP Students will need to have Internet access for the duration of the program.

An example weekly schedule for next summer’s program is shown here. There are 4 main components of the Canada SROP:

  • Independent Research Project
  • Professional Development Course
  • GRE Preparation Course
  • Community Lunch and Cowork Time

In the schedule above, the “Independent Research Time” will be when you mostly work independently on your research project and also spend some time engaging with your mentor and research lab through video conferencing. The exact nature of what you do during the independent research time will be different for each project, but you can see what we tell the faculty that we generally expect for the Independent Research Project.

The “Professional Development Sessions, Live” will be synchronous online lectures. The “Professional Development, Homework” will be asynchronous activities. The 15 students admitted to the full program will engage in both synchronous and asynchronous activities for the Professional Development Course that we are developing. Applicants who were not admitted to the full program but are otherwise eligible will have access to these the “Professional Development, Homework” activities.

The Professional Development Course and the GRE Preparation Course are separate components of the SROP. The Canada SROP Team is developing the Professional Development Class in the same way as professors develop any class, but the GRE Preparation Course is an online course that is externally run by a reputable test preparation company called Kaplan.

The “Community Lunch” and “Community Cowork Time” is really just a Zoom room for students in the Canada SROP to get to know and support each other. Students also have their own Slack workspace, where a great deal of interaction happens.

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