How many applications were received?

We received 256 applications. We are so grateful for the interest in the program, but we also find it to be sobering. We wish we could have provided more than 15 fully funded positions this year. However, this response to the Canada SROP will provide a solid justification for us to expand to multiple Universities next year, expanding our number of funded slots proportionally. We will also apply to get more funded spots within UofT next year, and the amazing number of applications will help us make a case for it.

We recognize that each applicant put their energy, time, and hope into the application. We hope to honour that in some way by saying that this will likely help grow the program to open it to more people in the future, but we understand that does not directly help you. Thank you for your time.

All eligible applicants who were not admitted to the fully funded programme will have access to online, asynchronous materials to help build an application to graduate school. Click here for more information on the asynchronous program.

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Dr. Elizabeth Page-Gould's preferred pronouns are she/her/hers. You are welcome to call her "Liz." She is the current website administrator for the Canada SROP and Quant-TIDE. Liz is an abolitionist, friend, wife, mother, activist, mentor, and colleague. She is also the Canada Research Chair in Social Psychophysiology, an Associate Professor of Psychology, and the Chair of the Graduate Department of Psychology at the University of Toronto.

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