2022 Faculty Research Projects

The core component of the SROP is an 8-week research project under the supervision of a University of Toronto faculty member who researches Psychology, Management, or Neuroscience. When the faculty members signed up for the Summer 2022 SROP, they submitted a short description of the SROP research project and a statement of why they wanted to be involved in the SROP. Here are all the research projects available to 2022 Canada SROP Students!

When you complete the student application for the Canada SROP, you will be asked to for the top 3 research projects that you would like to work on if you are accepted to the Summer 2022 SROP. Have fun searching through the possible projects by browsing projects by title, clicking on keywords, or using the search bar below.

Please note the SROP will be primarily operated remotely in Summer 2022. Some research projects may have an in-person option for local students, but your preference for an in-person or remote experience will not affect your likelihood of being admitted to the program. To understand how this preference does [not] factor in, please see this FAQ post on our selection and mentor-matching process.

Summer 2022 Faculty Research Projects

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