Social Class and Cooperation

Mentor: Dr. StŽéphane C™ôtéŽ Project Description Do people from the same social class background cooperate more with each other than people from different social class backgrounds? If so, what is the explanation for this difference in cooperation? And, critically, what strategies can be implemented to reduce this difference? These questions have important societal and organizationalContinue reading “Social Class and Cooperation”

Morality, politics, social class, motivation and cognition

Mentor: Dr. Spike W. S. Lee Project Description Broadly speaking, our lab investigates-(1) mental contents that matter for social life (e.g., moral intuitions, political orientation, subjective social class),-(2) higher-order mental processes (e.g., judgment and decision-making, lay beliefs, metacognition),often as they influence and are influenced by-(3) bodily states (e.g., motor action, sensory experience) and-(4) physical toolsContinue reading “Morality, politics, social class, motivation and cognition”