Canada-Wide Vision

We are running a pilot program at UofT, but our goal is to see the SROP at research institutions across Canada. We intend to provide support in terms of materials (e.g., email templates, recommended timelines, promotional materials) and training to our partner sites. Right now, we want to build a community of academics who are passionate about diversity and inclusion and are curious to learn from UofT’s pilot year!

In the Summer of 2024, we will be looking to build a group of partners who would be interested in collaborating on a partnership grant in the training stream. If you are a professor or administrator at another Canadian University or research training centre (e.g., a research hospital) that may be interested in hosting an SROP in future years, then we would love to be in touch. Please use this form to join the Canada SROP Potential Partners mailing list to receive updates on the pilot programme, news for potential partners, and requests for consultation. Beginning in the late Spring of 2024, we expect the volume to be 1 email approximately every 1 – 2 months.

Signing up for this mailing list requires no commitment from you or your institution to host a future Canada SROP. We certainly hope to entice you, though! Thank you for your interest!

What title would you like us to use when we address you formally (e.g., Dr., Prof.)?
Please provide the email address that you would like to have added to the mailing list.
Please provide the university with which you are affiliated and thus would potentially host a future SROP.