The Canada SROP is an anti-racist initiative to diversify academia by increasing equitable access to graduate school.

The SROP seeks to ultimately diversify faculty by providing undergraduate students who are Black, Indigenous, or People of Colour (BIPOC) equitable access to graduate school preparation, planning, and admission.


The SROP is a successful diversity initiative in the United States started by the Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA) of large US universities. The BTAA’s SROP has inspired similar programs at many U.S. individual universities and university associations outside the Big Ten Alliance, such as being the model adopted by the Ivy League Universities’ “Leadership Alliance.”


Our vision is to establish a network of participating Universities that offer the SROP. We refer to this network of SROP programmes as “the Canada SROP.” The UofT Pilot SROP will be used to develop programme materials as templates that will be distributed to key Canadian partner institutions to expand to 5 new universities by Summer 2022. Once established and at steady-state, operations will turn toward efficiently maintaining these programs and expanding to new Canadian universities.

Are you a professor or administrator at a Canadian University who would like to see a Canada SROP hosted at your University?


The Canada SROP is internally funded by a group of departments, research institutes, and the administration of University of Toronto. The Graduate Department of Management, Graduate Department of Psychology, Mississauga Psychology Department, Scarborough Psychology Department, St. George Psychology Department, Rotman Research Institute, Institute of Management & Innovation, UTSC Vice-Principal Research Office, and Faculty of Arts & Science.

Programme Benefits

Benefits for Students

  • Independent research experience and mentorship, which will help prepare you for graduate school applications and beyond
  • Living-wage stipend of $5,756.89 CAD for 8 weeks of 40 hours/week commitment
  • Full GRE Preparation course at no cost to student
  • 4 hours/week of professional development sessions that help you prepare your graduate school applications
  • Remote work supplement of $200.00 to help with Internet costs
  • Community building with other students who identify as BIPOC and are seeking a research career

Benefits for Faculty

  • Mentor an outstanding student, receiving strong programming supports
  • $750 research stipend towards the costs of the SROP research project
  • Opportunity to contribute to a diversity initiative