What is the Asynchronous Program?

BIPOC students who apply to the Canada SROP but are not selected for the full program are invited to join the “Canada SROP Asynchronous Application Building Program”

The Asynchronous Program will effectively be a “members only” section of the Canada SROP Website. Every Friday from the weeks of June 3 – July 26, students in the Asynchronous Program will be able to login and navigate to a content page for new content from the current week. The activities will be designed to be completed in less than one hour, and they may contain worksheets, short videos, or other materials that will help you build a graduate student application. These materials will remain accessible to students in the Asynchronous Program until March of the following year (i.e., after all graduate application cycles should be completed).

The Asynchronous Program is very low-pressure, because you will complete the activities on your own, if you like, and at your leisure. The Asynchronous Program is essentially like getting access to “premium” content.

How will this content be created and how does it relate to what is being taught in the full Canada SROP?

The asynchronous program is meant to share the practical knowledge that students in the full program are getting through biweekly Professional Development Sessions. At the end of each week, the faculty and grad students running the Canada SROP will hold a planning session to review the materials presented in the Professional Development Sessions and turn them into an online activity for students in the Asynchronous Program. Students in the full program will be invited (non-mandatory) to show up for some or all of each planning session to share what they found to be most helpful and least helpful from the Professional Development Session that week. In this way, students in the fully funded program will be involved in co-creating these materials to help support all the eligible students who applied to the Canada SROP.

How do I register for the Asynchronous Program?

Please see the email we send you in March or April 2024 for a link to sign up for the asynchronous program or email us at CanadaSROP@utoronto.ca if you applied, were deemed eligible but not selected for the full program, and you need the link again.

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