Why are some identities prioritized in the selection process?

The Canada SROP was launched as an anti-racist initiative to support budding BIPOC researchers, with a focus on countering anti-Black racism and colonialism. We seek to centre Black and Indigenous students, which is well aligned with the recommendations of the University of Toronto Anti-Black Racism Task Force and the Steering Committee for University of TorontoContinue reading “Why are some identities prioritized in the selection process?”

How will applications be evaluated?

We will use a 4-step process to review applications: Step in Selection Process Application Components Used in this Step 1 Eligibility Screening Demographics, Undergrad transcripts 2 Nomination Process Research statement, Personal statement 3 Stratified Lottery Nominations, Demographics 4 Mentor Review Research statement, Personal statement, Letters of Recommendation This table maps how each component of theContinue reading “How will applications be evaluated?”