Are people blind to their own power?

Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Stellar Project Description Hierarchies in which some individuals have more power than others are a defining feature of almost every group or society. However, holding power does not necessarily mean one fully understands the extent of their power. For example, a boss may think that if they ask their employee to helpContinue reading “Are people blind to their own power?”

Morality, politics, social class, motivation and cognition

Mentor: Dr. Spike W. S. Lee Project Description Broadly speaking, our lab investigates-(1) mental contents that matter for social life (e.g., moral intuitions, political orientation, subjective social class),-(2) higher-order mental processes (e.g., judgment and decision-making, lay beliefs, metacognition),often as they influence and are influenced by-(3) bodily states (e.g., motor action, sensory experience) and-(4) physical toolsContinue reading “Morality, politics, social class, motivation and cognition”