Responses to Feeling Invisible

Mentor: Dr. Becca Neel Project Description People want to belong and to be valued by others, but sometimes, that desire is thwarted. Devaluation can take many forms. In our lab, we are examining one form of devaluation in particular: invisibility. When someone is invisible, they are overlooked and ignored by others. How does a personContinue reading “Responses to Feeling Invisible”

Meaningful Interactions with Friends

Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Page-Gould Project Description Taken on the whole, interacting with other people – even virtually – seems fundamental to human thriving. Indeed, meaningful interactions make for a good life. However, not all social interactions leave us feeling fulfilled. This descriptive project seeks to map out the qualities of meaningful interactions, with a particularContinue reading “Meaningful Interactions with Friends”

Ambiguous Bias

Mentor: Dr. Laura Doering Project Description Large-scale surveys and audit studies demonstrate that lower-status groups (women, racial minorities, etc.) experience bias in the workplace. Yet individuals often struggle to determine whether any potentially-biased event was, in fact, discriminatory. For example, when a woman is passed up for a promotion at work, she may wonder: WasContinue reading “Ambiguous Bias”

Light touch interventions for supporting academic well-being

Mentor: Dr. Norman Farb Project Description In recent years, academic stress seem to be taking an increasing toll on undergraduate mental health seems to be rising in recent years. Encouragingly, our research shows that brief online ‘check-ins’ help students to pro-active in balancing . However these check-ins can feel like just another burden, making itContinue reading “Light touch interventions for supporting academic well-being”

Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, Belonging – What Does it all Mean?

Mentor: Dr. Sonia Kang Project Description Buzzwords like diversity and inclusion are everywhere these days, as are associated terms like equity, belonging, and allyship. But what do these terms really mean, and how are they understood by individuals and organizations? Past research has demonstrated that while these words are commonly used by organizations to signalContinue reading “Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, Belonging – What Does it all Mean?”

Morality, politics, social class, motivation and cognition

Mentor: Dr. Spike W. S. Lee Project Description Broadly speaking, our lab investigates-(1) mental contents that matter for social life (e.g., moral intuitions, political orientation, subjective social class),-(2) higher-order mental processes (e.g., judgment and decision-making, lay beliefs, metacognition),often as they influence and are influenced by-(3) bodily states (e.g., motor action, sensory experience) and-(4) physical toolsContinue reading “Morality, politics, social class, motivation and cognition”

Singlehood and well-being

Mentor: Dr. Geoff MacDonald Project Description My lab is studying various dimensions of singlehood that may contribute to well-being. Our published research has shown that feeling connected to family and friends as well as feeling sexually satisfied are important contributors. We have several simultaneous projects underway investigating what healthy singles do (e.g., how much timeContinue reading “Singlehood and well-being”