Language revitalization through optimized learning techniques

Mentor: Dr. Jed Meltzer Project Description My lab studies language processing in adults, with applications to diagnosis and rehabilitation of disorders such as stroke and dementia, second language learning, and the relationship of language to other cognitive and motor processes. Recently we have studied the use of advanced software-based techniques for efficiently studying words, bothContinue reading “Language revitalization through optimized learning techniques”

A systematic review of memory in Parkinson’s Disease

Mentor: Dr. Katherine Duncan Project Description Memory deficits are a commonly reported non-motor symptom of Parkinson’s Disease. The exact pattern of memory impairments, however, is unclear, and drastically vary across studies. One of the greatest overarching controversies in the literature regarding both the pattern of memory impairments in PD as well as its neural underpinnings,Continue reading “A systematic review of memory in Parkinson’s Disease”