Faculty Application

We welcome any interested faculty to join us anytime before the student application closes (i.e., February 15, 2021). Please note that a later faculty submission means that not all of the students who apply to the SROP will see your project. Thus, you are less likely to be matched with a student. If that is okay with you, then we are thrilled to have you join us at any time!

Application Form

Please complete all the information below. For more information about the SROP, please read the About and Faculty pages and peruse the Frequently Asked Questions. If your questions are not answered, then please Contact Us if you need any help!

Please provide 3 to 5 keywords (e.g., Neuroscience, Organizational Behaviour) that represent the research area of the project, separated by commas.
Academic title or position
The SROP is only 8 weeks long. We are hoping that you can think up a small project that a talented undergrad can do as a small independent project in this time frame. Applicants will read these descriptions and rank their top three faculty research projects. Detailed instructions for the Faculty Research Project Description.
The goals of the Faculty Mentorship Statement are to express your mentorship philosophy and why you signed up for the SROP to the Applicants. Applicants will see this statement along with your Faculty Research Project Statement. Detailed instructions for the Faculty Mentorship Statement.
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Please upload a picture that can be used as your headshot. By uploading the picture, you give us permission to display it on this website. We ask that the size of your headshot image is at least 400x400 pixels.