Singlehood and well-being

Mentor: Dr. Geoff MacDonald

Dr. Geoff MacDonald

Project Description

My lab is studying various dimensions of singlehood that may contribute to well-being. Our published research has shown that feeling connected to family and friends as well as feeling sexually satisfied are important contributors. We have several simultaneous projects underway investigating what healthy singles do (e.g., how much time do they spend looking for relationships), what contributes to sexual satisfaction for singles, and what predicts whether singles feel their singlehood is something they want versus something that has been imposed on them. Your role will include literature searches, coding of qualitative data, and introduction to research design. You will consult with graduate student researchers and participate in lab meetings.

Mentorship Statement

I really enjoy helping students find the path that’s right for them, and there is no better way to figure out if a research career is right for you than seeing first hand how the research process works (spoiler alert: it’s not always glamorous). Plus, I think working in a lab with a relationship science background can be helpful not just for learning the process of research but also important theoretical perspectives like attachment theory that can be useful for personal growth. I’m eager to participate in this program for many reasons, but partly because I am hoping to learn from the student that comes to my lab based on their experiences and perspective.

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