May I be enrolled in classes, holding a job, or volunteering at the same time?

Unfortunately, no. The Canada SROP is a 40-hour/week commitment for the 8 weeks of June 7 to July 30, 2021. Therefore, students enrolled in the Canada SROP cannot have another school, work, or volunteer commitment for the 8 weeks of the programme. To provide for living expenses during the Canada SROP, students selected for the full programme will receive a stipend of 5,756.89 for the 8-week period.

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Dr. Elizabeth Page-Gould's preferred pronouns are she/her/hers. You are welcome to call her "Liz." She is the current website administrator for the Canada SROP and Quant-TIDE. Liz is an abolitionist, friend, wife, mother, activist, mentor, and colleague. She is also the Canada Research Chair in Social Psychophysiology, an Associate Professor of Psychology, and the Chair of the Graduate Department of Psychology at the University of Toronto.

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