Why and how were specific identities prioritized in the selection process?

The Canada SROP was launched as an anti-racist initiative to support budding BIPOC researchers, with a focus on countering anti-Black racism and anti-Indigenous racism. Indigenous students were given the highest priority. Our funding structure required at least two spots to be filled by Indigenous applicants, because those spots were funded by the Faculty of ArtsContinue reading “Why and how were specific identities prioritized in the selection process?”

How many applications were received?

We received 256 applications. We are so grateful for the interest in the program, but we also find it to be sobering. We wish we could have provided more than 15 fully funded positions this year. However, this response to the Canada SROP will provide a solid justification for us to expand to multiple UniversitiesContinue reading “How many applications were received?”

How were applications evaluated?

We received 256 applications. We used a 4-step process to review applications: Eligibility Screening: An initial screening used the self-reported demographics and undergrad transcripts to ensure eligibility. 242 students passed the initial screening and were determined to be eligible for the program. All students who passed the initial screening will be given access to onlineContinue reading “How were applications evaluated?”

How did you decide on the nomination-lottery approach?

Please see our FAQ post that describes our selection process and the nomination-lottery process we used, in detail. We consulted with a number of groups about the selection process. The key question we had in mind was, “How can we be unbiased when the traditional metrics are biased?” We sought to approach fairness as muchContinue reading “How did you decide on the nomination-lottery approach?”