Why are some identities prioritized in the selection process?

The Canada SROP was launched as an anti-racist initiative to support budding BIPOC researchers, with a focus on countering anti-Black racism and colonialism. We seek to centre Black and Indigenous students, which is well aligned with the recommendations of the University of Toronto Anti-Black Racism Task Force and the Steering Committee for University of TorontoContinue reading “Why are some identities prioritized in the selection process?”

How will applications be evaluated?

We will use a 4-step process to review applications: Step in Selection Process Application Components Used in this Step 1 Eligibility Screening Demographics, Undergrad transcripts 2 Nomination Process Research statement, Personal statement 3 Stratified Lottery Nominations, Demographics 4 Mentor Review Research statement, Personal statement, Letters of Recommendation This table maps how each component of theContinue reading “How will applications be evaluated?”

How did you decide on the nomination-lottery approach?

We consulted with a number of groups about the selection process. The key question we had in mind was, “How can we be unbiased when the traditional metrics are biased?” We sought to approach fairness as much as possible, given that we know most racial bias affects most academic metrics. We consulted with SROP administrators inContinue reading “How did you decide on the nomination-lottery approach?”