Diaspora Communities Organizing in Response to Disasters

Mentor: Dr. Ryann Manning Project Description Diaspora communities – individuals who identify with and retain a connection to their country of birth or ancestry, but reside elsewhere (Nielsen & Riddle, 2009)—can play an important role during times of crisis their countries of origin (DEMAC, 2016; Erikson, 2014; International Organization for Migration, 2015; Loebach, 2015; Nagarajan,Continue reading “Diaspora Communities Organizing in Response to Disasters”

Ambiguous Bias

Mentor: Dr. Laura Doering Project Description Large-scale surveys and audit studies demonstrate that lower-status groups (women, racial minorities, etc.) experience bias in the workplace. Yet individuals often struggle to determine whether any potentially-biased event was, in fact, discriminatory. For example, when a woman is passed up for a promotion at work, she may wonder: WasContinue reading “Ambiguous Bias”