Meaningful Interactions with Friends

Dr. Elizabeth Page-Gould, Professor, Canada Research Chair in Social Psychophysiology

Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Page-Gould

Associate Professor, Canada Research Chair in Social Psychophysiology


Project Description

Taken on the whole, interacting with other people — even virtually — seems fundamental to human thriving. Indeed, meaningful interactions make for a good life. However, not all social interactions leave us feeling fulfilled. This descriptive project seeks to map out the qualities of meaningful interactions, with a particular interest in interracial friendships. We will use visual modelling techniques to map out the relationship between the words people use to describe good interactions and indicators of daily well-being.

Mentorship Statement

I am passionate about providing accessible, supportive mentorship that gives students the space to innovate while being responsive to their needs and respectful of the way they work. Given that my research focuses on intergroup relations, it is important for me to collaborate with researchers with a diverse range of backgrounds and life experiences. Two personal connections to the SROP make me thrilled to support this anti-racist initiative. The Canada SROP was first envisioned by former postdoctoral fellow, Prof. Kelci Harris, who completed the SROP when she was a student in the States. The SROP is the materialization of Dr. Harris’ vision. When I was a graduate student, I mentored an SROP student at the University of California Berkeley, with whom I later coauthored a publication. My experiences with these two amazing scholars impressed on me the importance of the SROP and the need for this initiative in Canada.

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