Music & Language: Individual differences in listening to music and language

Mentor: Dr. Christina der Nederlanden 

Assistant Professor


Project Description

How do we listen to and learn about music and language in our everyday lives? Do our experiences with different musical backgrounds or foreign languages impact how we detect changes in speech or song? In this research project, the SROP student will examine how language and music background relates to listeners ability to detect pitch changes in speech or song. Listeners will also evaluate how good vocal spoken or sung performances were to examine whether individual differences are more predictive of perceptual or evaluative judgments. Participants generally enjoy these studies because they get to listen to real music and real speech and the SROP student will have the opportunity ti shape the project through specific sounds used for the study and what individual differences we compare to participants’ performance.

Does this project require the SROP Student to be in-person or remote? In-person

Mentorship Statement

My goal is to give students an idea of the whole research process from study design to presenting results. I work one-on-one with students to set goals and outline how the research process will progress. I love to have students ask questions that interest them as well, which is why I leave some flexibility for the exact types of questions and relationships we will collect and analyze. My goal is to support the student in their learning and growth as a researcher.

Project ID 447