Can you provide a template email for requesting a letter of recommendation?

It is very common to feel anxious about or unsure of how to approach someone to ask for a letter of recommendation. That being said, many letter writers are honoured to be asked. They will likely be proud to see you looking to get involved in the SROP.

You need to submit contact information for two people who can write letters of recommendation for you when you submit your student application. It would be best to ask your letter writers if they will write you a letter before you submit their contact information to us. Here is an email template that will hopefully make it easy to ask! Please feel free to reuse (copy and paste) this email template directly, after customizing the words currently in square brackets, “[].”

Dear [person’s name],

You have been an important [mentor/supervisor/leader/person/influence] in my life, and that is why I am hoping that you would write me a letter of recommendation. I am applying to an 8-week research experience/career discovery programme at the University of Toronto next summer called the Summer Research Opportunity Programme (

To apply, I need to submit the email address and name of two people who could recommend me. Would you be willing to write me a letter of recommendation for this program? The deadline is _______ ___, ____.

They have a website with advice for letter writers: If you are willing to write me a letter of recommendation, then you will receive an email from with information on how to submit your letter soon.

Thank you so much for considering this request! I hope that you are doing as well as possible these days!

2 thoughts on “Can you provide a template email for requesting a letter of recommendation?

  1. Hello, I am a part of the student magazine in my university as a section editor, I wanted to enquire if I am allowed to ask my senior editor a letter of recommendation. She is a student as well but has been a mentor and helped me to develop necessary skills since I started to work under her and up until today.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Sameeha! Thank you for your question! Yes the senior editor of your student magazine can write you a letter of recommendation if they can speak to your skills and aspirations. Please reach out if you have any other questions.

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