Can non-Canadians apply?

Yes, non-Canadians can apply to the SROP. However, Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents will be given first priority during the review process, and we expect we will get more domestic applicants than spots.

However, we think there is still value to you in signing up, because everyone who applies gets access to the Application Building Program. The Application Building Program is a weekly activity released each Monday of the SROP that scaffolds the development of a PhD program application.

2 thoughts on “Can non-Canadians apply?

  1. Hi, I am an Asian, living in Asian and studying in a university of my country. Am I elligible to apply?
    Thank you so much.

    1. Yes, you will be eligible to apply. Our selection process prioritizes Black and/or Indigenous applicants who are permanent residents or citizens of Canada, but every person of colour (BIPOC) is eligible to apply, including people who are not residents of Canada. The prioritization reflects our Department’s and the University of Toronto’s special commitments to the Black ( and Indigenous ( communities. When the application opens, we will additionally provide detailed information about how this prioritization process will work.

      Altogether, you are eligible to apply, and we would love for you to be in the program! However, you are less likely to be admitted that one of these prioritized groups. That being said, everyone who applies gets access to an “Application Building Program,” which is basically an 8-week set of scaffolded assignments that help you build the materials you will need to apply to most research PhD programs in Psychology and Management.

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