Am I eligible if I am not enroled in a 4-year degree program?

During the Canada SROP (June 5 – July 28), you must be enroled in or recently graduated from a degree program that will make you eligible to apply to graduate school at the University of Toronto (UofT) upon completion.

International students are welcome to apply to the Canada SROP. We want to be globally inclusive of the different structures that exist for higher education around the world. International students are eligible for the Canada SROP if they are currently earning a degree that will give them the equivalent of a Canadian 4-year Bachelors Degree at the end of the program. If this describes you, then we would love for you to apply to the Canada SROP, because we ultimately would love for you to apply to graduate school at UofT!

UofT’s School of Graduate Studies created a tool to help you see the degrees from different countries that are equivalent to a Canadian 4-year degree:

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Am I eligible if I already graduated?

To be eligible for the Canada SROP, you must be currently enrolled at a university and/or graduated in the 2022 – 2023 Academic Year. In other words, students who are graduating this academic year are eligible for Canada SROP. If you received a bachelors degree (i.e., you graduated) on or before the start of the…

Can non-Canadians apply?

Yes, non-Canadians can apply to the SROP. However, Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents will be given first priority during the review process, and we expect we will get more domestic applicants than spots. However, we think there is still value to you in signing up, because everyone who applies gets access to the Application Building…

Is there a minimum GPA requirement?

The SROP application requires you to upload your transcript. Academic performance will be considered, but there is no minimum GPA requirement. Please note that we ask you to “annotate” your transcript, by which we invite you to contextualize any grades or other information on your transcript.

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